Working with other local businesses has always been important to us at Crossroads. It’s something that just makes sense. So, we were happy to find Automatic Equipment Service for our POS needs in nearby Ravena. We’ve been working with Kevin from the start, for about 4 years now, and he has never let us down.

“The POS system is such a critical part of everything that happens here on a daily basis. If it goes down for even a few minutes during a busy time, an entire night of business can go bad very quickly. We rely on the system and we rely on the AES crew to be there when a problem arises, which they inevitably do. From user error to thunderstorms, Kevin has always been just a phone call away to get us right back on track. From training the crew to making sure we have updated equipment, they’ve worked alongside Crossroads from the beginning to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. We are happy to continue working with AES as they provide increased training for our staff with a focus on utilizing feedback to consistently improve and update the system.

Janine Bennett

Bantam Market

We have been doing business with Automatic Equipment Service for well over 18 years. They are one of the most professional and easiest companies that we do business with.  AES knows how important it is to fix any issues we may have with equipment or programming issues. They are there for us either by phone, remote support or sending out a technician (most of the time in the same day) so they can get us up and running again. I could not imagine running my stores without them as one of my vendors.

David Brenner
Northville & Bantam Markets

Byron’s Market

A.E.S. was very helpful in helping us decide on which scales would best suit our needs. The installation was fast and easy and they were well prepared. Ordering scale labels is just a phone call away. When we have had the need for service, they were here the next day and we were back up and running at 100%. Thank You A.E.S.

Byron Peregrim
Byron’s Village Market
Cambridge Village Market

D & D Meats

Our business has used AES scales for over 5 years in our meat processing facility as well as in our grocery store. We own a variety of scales from general weighing scales to label scales and have always had great customer service from them from sales to service.

Shane Dutil
D & D Meats/Jeezum Crow Smokehouse
8945 Route 22 West Chazy, NY 12992

D’Andreas Pizza

Hello, my name is Rory Wilson, Owner of D’Andreas Pizza.  We put in a Touch Pro system 8 years ago.  Kevin was the man who put it in and he has been there every step of the way for the last 8 years. If Kevin does not have an answer, he gets it for you a in a timely fashion. Kevin also will come to your place of business as quickly as possible so that your restaurant does not suffer any potential sales loss. Kevin is the man I recommend to anyone, he comes through every time. he is 100 percent all the time.
Thank you

Rory Wilson

Sloan’s New York Grill Inc.

I purchased the Soft Touch POS system from AES in 2013 for a newly opened, 140 seat Steakhouse.  The system consisted of 4 service terminals and a back-office terminal with printers at each and dual line printers for the cooks.  Prior to our opening the AES technicians conducted training sessions with our service staff and during our official opening, the AES technicians were on site to trouble shoot and conduct follow up training in real time restaurant situations. This was imperative to a smooth opening and they made themselves available repeatedly.

I spent the next several months on the phone with AES techs daily with questions about the system. They were more than willing to help and always available whenever I needed them. The system itself is state of the art and performs all functions necessary to successfully manage a food service operation. I would highly recommend the Soft Touch system and AES in general for their competence and professionalism.

Chris Sloan
President / Owner