Retail Point of Sale Systems.

At Automatic Equipment Service, we pride ourselves in offering a Retail Point of Sale solution to fit any need or budget. We offer solutions to fit the small corner store, the local tavern, or the big multi-store retailer. 

 We also offer financing options as well as Merchant Services to help round off your purchase.

Retail Point of Sale Solution for Grocers.

Auto-Star, a complete retail point of sale system.
Auto- Star A complete retail point of sale system

Auto-Star’s grocery software solutions are fully integrated and customizable for any size retailer from small independent grocers to large supermarkets. Enhance your retail operations with convenient product and promotional updates, DSD receiving, suggested product ordering, integrated credit, debit and EBT card processing. Easy to use and easy to train new staff, our solutions provide you with the tools needed to grow your business.

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Retail Point of Sale solutions for fast retail, grocery and liquor stores.

Retail Point of Sale solution for the smaller retailer
Logivision Point of Sale system for the smaller retailer. Also capable of multi store integration.

Designed specifically for fast retail, ACCEO Logivision POS software is adapted for supermarkets, c-stores, liquor stores and specialty food stores.

At ACCEO Logivision, we understand that secure transaction registration and efficient data analysis are of paramount importance to retailers. This is why we have built a user-friendly and secure point-of-sale software to meet the specific needs of retailers.

  • Process sales quickly with a personalized POS screen
  • Manage your inventory in one or multiple locations
  • Offer loyalty rewards and keep track of gift cards
  • Control operations based on user-level permissions
  • Analyze what’s happening in your store at anytime
  • Speed up transaction entry with integrated payment processing (compatible with all major processors)

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Retail Point of Sale Solution for Convenient Stores, Deli’s and Smaller Retail Merchants. 

NCC Reflections offers a variety of retailer solutions
Reflections embedded for retail and hospitality possibilities.

NCC has installed more than 50,000 systems in Retail and Food Service establishments

NCC Reflections embedded system is resistant to spyware and viruses
Focus on accuracy increases productivity
User-friendly interface and functionality
Customizable to fit your needs
Easy to use and maintain

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CAP Software : Point of Sale for Retailers Like You

Software solutions to help small and medium retailers save time and money.  Our powerful, easy-to-use POS lets retailers spend less time on inventory and more time on growing sales and improving customer service.

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Is a Retail Point of Sale System Right for You? 

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