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From quick-service and delivery to bar/nightclub and upscale fine dining, SoftTouch POS offers the comprehensive functionality to power your hospitality business. Combining next generation innovation with common-sense screen ergonomics delivers an unparalleled restaurant management product.

SoftTouch POS engineers’ uncompromising design strategy brings features and functionality to a pinnacle of achievement. Discover how SoftTouch POS transforms challenging real-world problems into automated business solutions with substantial application and benefit. Features such as tip-pooling and tip-dispersion are examples of highly usable approaches to historically challenging workflows.

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Product highlights

  • Video Monitor Integration

Fully integrated video monitoring system displays server activity with on-screen transaction details providing a powerful antitheft solution

  • Handheld and Mobile Ordering

This innovative SoftTouch series provides a collection of solutions for table-side ordering and customer self-service. SoftTouch iPOS Handheld Ordering solution is a low-cost, highly functional mobile ordering solution for wait staff. Based on the WiFi enabled Apple iPod Touch or iPad platform, this product offers excellent mobility for on-premises ordering. SoftTouch iTable and iKiosk are Apple iPad based table or pedestal mounted solutions for customer self-service; an intuitive user interface steps customers through a guided order entry and payment process. For on-the-go customers, DineBlast Mobile provides a convenient self-ordering solution that works on virtually all SmartPhone devices from any place and any time.

  • House Accounts, Gift Cards, Card Accounts

Charge and maintain customer balances with full statement reporting. Create on-demand gift cards that can be used at multiple stores.

  • Soft Touch Cash Management

SoftTouch Cash Management strikes the “perfect balance” between security and workflow efficiency for daily sales operations. A simple-to-operate control panel easily manages employee closeouts, paid-in/outs and cash transfers. Daily sales revenue flows effortlessly from POS stations and servers to a designated depository or store safe making end-of-day balancing fast and secure.

  • Food Costing Interface

Optional interface to Trac Rite food costing system provides valuable information about item level pricing as well as portion control

  • Enterprise Reporting Solution and SQL Database

A comprehensive web-based end user enterprise solution* provides real-time data replication and aggregation for reporting, alert monitoring and centralized menu control.

  • Self-Pay

Need to pay your check right away? SoftTouch SoftPay technology allows table-service patrons to conveniently pay their check at any time. This patent pending innovation prompts customers to leave a tip, swipe their credit card, electronically sign the voucher and obtain a hardcopy receipt, all through a self-service kiosk. SoftPay is guaranteed to increase table-turns and decrease labor costs.

  • Authentication Technology

SoftPay Touchless Sign-On is the world’s fastest and most reliable authentication technology in the POS industry. This virtually indestructible solution instantly recognizes authorized users without ever swiping a card or scanning a finger. Touchless Sign-On combines the best security with the fastest performance. Conventional Biometric security is also fully compatible with SoftTouch POS.

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