Reflection POS®

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Reflection POS®

Embedded system is resistant to spyware and viruses
Focus on accuracy increases productivity
User-friendly interface and functionality
Customizable to fit your needs
Easy to use and maintain
Reflection POS® helps to increase productivity by:

Automatically routing orders to the specified prep stations
Creating order channels to bar, dining rooms, etc.
Transferring payments between the bar and table
Combining or separating checks
Adding times to check for speed of service
Providing user-friendly screen-ordering for updating order and payment processing
Enhanced accuracy saves time and improves efficiency by:

Creating customizable administration permissions to control what employees can access
Interacting with drive-thru monitors to provide customers with real-time order confirmations
Creating a step-by-step ordering process for employees

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Technology made easy. Discover how simple our POS solutions are to set up, use and maintain.

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Whether you are a single store operator or multi-unit chain, our POS software will grow with your business as it expands.

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Control your POS environment with a secure and dependable solution designed to keep your business running without interruptions.

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Designed to meet the needs of virtually any retail or hospitality environment. Discover how our POS software can meet your unique business needs.

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Hospitality Possibilities


Easy, Intuitive Corporate Cafeteria POS

Designed to Deliver Good Food, Quickly

The power of good food on employee morale should never be underestimated. When your employees enter your corporate cafeteria, they’ll be looking for a frustration-free way to get their food fast.

In order to provide an exceptional cafeteria dining experience for your employees, you’ll need an up-to-date, intuitive, and speedy corporate cafeteria POS system.


Fast and Effective Bar & Nightclub POS

Bar & Nightclub POS Designed to Manage Tabs Efficiently and Streamline the Speed of Service

Patrons frequent bars and nightclubs to relax and unwind. When de-stressing, the last thing patrons want to do is push through crowded lines and wait for half an hour to receive a drink.

For this reason, it’s critical that your Nightclub & Bar POS system be as fast and as efficient as possible.


Fast, Reliable Quick Service POS

Quick Service POS Tailored for the Needs of the Quick Service Industry

Quick service restaurants face unique challenges—high turnover rates, shrinking margins, and fast customer service.

In order to be successful with these difficult demands, you need a quick service POS solution that is tailored for the needs of the quick service industry.

Fast, Efficient Table Service POS

Improve Order Accuracy and Overall Efficiency

The table service industry thrives on excellent customer service, so you need a table service POS system to meet those high demands. We offer a table service POS solution that will improve your restaurant’s overall efficiency with streamlined ordering, higher table turnover, and improved customer satisfaction.

Retail Possibilities


Powerful, Comprehensive Liquor Store POS

Liquor Store POS Designed to Effectively Manage Inventory and Verify Age
A lot is involved in running a liquor store, but with the right tools you’ll find your stress level dramatically reduced and your profit margin increased.Liquor store POS should do many things, but the two key tasks it must perform include inventory management and age verification. Reflection POS masters these tasks and possesses additional features that will have you asking yourself how you ever managed without them.

Versatile, Flexible Specialty Grocery POS

Specialty Grocery POS Adapted for Niche Business Needs

Anyone who has had any experience with specialty grocery understands that these businesses have extremely unique needs. The term “specialty grocery” covers a plethora of small niche shops such as, high-end gourmet shops, juicers, cheese and wine shops, oil and vinegar shops, seafood wholesale, butcher shops, and more. Each of these specialized retailers must have a versatile POS software solution to meet their requirements.

Adaptable, Well-Rounded Thrift Store POS

Thrift Store POS Designed for Specialized Business Needs

Thrift stores are unique the retail world as they have special requirements for a POS system.

A thrift store POS system needs to be able to transact a wide variety of products, such as furniture, and other assorted odds and ends one can only seem to find in a thrift store.

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