Sterling Payment Technologies has developed a suite of flexible financing programs that provide benefits for merchants, such as lower payments and pay-as-you-go services, so they can purchase or upgrade their POS equipment. At the same time, these financing options allow resellers to get paid upfront for POS systems, service contracts and supplies – without the burden of collecting payments.

How Does CRS Funding 2.0 Benefit Merchants?

All POS related costs can be bundled in a single monthly payment.
No upfront investment is required for qualified merchants. (A 10% down may be required if credit is below average.)
Preserves cash for other purposes.
Gives merchant access to better POS choices and full POS service and support from a qualified local reseller.
Hardware is owned after completion of payments.
Easy payment for software updates, service and support.

At Leaf, we understand that every small business needs to conserve cash and preserve credit,  We also understand that every small business is different. LEAF can help your small business to preserve cash and conserve credit by financing just about any business need you might have. We will also configure our business to work with yours—not the other way around—in order to make your financing process flow smoothly and effortlessly. LEAF has built an industry leading reputation by helping businesses like yours to grow and succeed.

Marlin is here to help support and grow your business. Since 1997, Marlin has provided customized financing solutions to over 300,000 small and mid-size businesses allowing them to grow their businesses, update software, replace obsolete equipment and secure their business capital.

Marlin provides customized, comprehensive solutions to help you effectively manage your business capital.

At Vantiv, we offer Merchant financing with you in mind. Merchant financing with you in mind.
Sometimes business calls for a new POS system or an entirely new branch. And sometimes you just need to ease cash flow a bit. No matter what the need, our merchant financing solutions can streamline billing and offer repayment alternatives that work in your favor.

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