“Nothing is certain but death and taxes…”

On Nov 13, 1789, in a letter to his friend, Jean-BaptisteLeroy, Ben Franklin penned the often quoted“…nothing is certain except death and taxes.”

It should be noted that while the quote is often attributed to Franklin, he does not appear to be the original source of the quote. In 1726, in the book The Political History of The Devil, Daniel DeFoe wrote:

“Things as certain as death and taxes can be more firmly believed.”

The excerpt from Franklins letter goes as follows:

“Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems to promise it will be durable; but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.”

Interestingly, the original letter was written in French (which Franklin wrote and spoke fluently)

“Notre constitution nouvelle est actuellement établie, tout paraît nous promettre qu’elle sera durable; mais, dans ce monde, il n’y a rien d’assure que la mort et les impôts.”

The full letter was written by a concerned Franklin to his friend Leroy, as the French Revolution was underway and Franklin had not heard from Leroy in over a year. Franklin was concerned for his friends safety.

The full letter can be read here.

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Choosing a Weighing Scale.

Considerations when choosing a weighing scale.

Choosing which weighing scale to buy can be a challenging part of your business.  There are several considerations that you as the business owner will need to determine. Weighing scales can be expensive but many of the products on the market will give you many years of trouble free service providing that they are the correct one for the job and that they are cared for properly.

Below are some basic guidelines for determining which type of weighing scale is right for your business.

Type of Application or Industry

First of all, what is the purpose of the scale. Is it being used for measuring ingredients for baking?  Or will it need to be a legal for trade scale? Is it to be used in a laboratory setting? Or for that butcher shop you always wanted to open? Does it need to print labels? Does it need the ability to connect to your point of sale system? Or will it be a standalone.

Pole scales are an option for purposes where a raised display is appropriate

What environment will the weighing scale will be used in?

Secondly, where will this scale be used? Will it be in a cool dry area used for selling bakery products? Or will it be used at the receiving dock of your business where it will be subject to extremes in weather? Because if the scale is used in a hostile environment, it had better be able to handle the weather. 

Weight Capacity.

Third consideration is what will be the smallest/ largest item that you anticipate weighing?  What is important is that you choose a scale that is able to handle the weight you put on it and read it in the increments that you need.


Will your weighing scale need to display in lbs and ounces?  Or kilograms? What are the incremental values that are needed to be displayed?

Platter size for weighing scale.

Platter size is an important consideration when shopping for a weighing scale

Consequently, it is important that you choose a weighing scale with the correct platter size. It is not uncommon for the scale purchased in the summer to measure containers of potato salad, to be insufficient when you start to sell frozen turkeys.

Ease of use.

Finally, what is the level of tech savviness that will be needed to make and keep the scale functional.  There are simple out of the box weighing solutions, while there are products that require advanced programming capabilities. So you need to be honest with yourself regarding your level of computer knowledge.  

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing your equipment. If you need help, trained staff at Automatic Equipment Service can assist you with every aspect of your weighing scale needs.